Exterior design provides a sophisticated complement to the architecture of a dwelling. To define a space with physical attributes & aesthetics, it is not enough to just build cement walls, rather using those very walls to create a well-functioning space is what exterior design is about. Going out and about in a city and looking around you will find yourself surrounded by a plethora of buildings. These structures if not built aesthetically will not evoke a sense of positivity in you. Hence, exterior architecture is like the skin of a building; it is what people see first and it is what makes a lasting impression on them.


An exterior design usually follows few fundamental architectural principles. Speaking specifically, the fundamental design principles comprise mass, balance, scale, proportion, and rhythm to help shape the building and derive a sense of rightness. Besides all these mandatory attributes, the combination of space, structural beauty, and color also plays an important role in bringing out the best outlook. Architects fabricate an environment that affects the spirit, health, and overall attitude of the people entering the building. It helps people acknowledge the essence of a building. This environment is what makes people feel sacred in a religious moment and united in a busy mall.


However, before approaching the design there are a few goals that need to be set right first. These goals can come in many shapes and sizes. Selecting a style, planning the budget & performance, reflecting on the sustainability & constructability of the project are all categories that define the strategy for your exterior design. Picking a particular style might not always be an easy choice, in which case you have to refer back to the interior designs of your building. The scheme and mood of your interiors will help you narrow down your preferences from the limitless options. Let your interior and exterior be a mutual influence on one another so that they can eventually blend as one. Consideration of all these aspects gives a personal spirit to the building making it one of a kind.


The facade of a building is the epitome of its first impression. If your building offers an appealing design as opposed to a bland and outdated one, you can use this interest to your advantage by inviting people inside in case you are setting up a professional edifice. No matter the type of organization you run, a polished exterior will make your business look more professional. It helps build a reputation for your company and sends a message to passersby that you care enough about your professional appearance, and thus your customers too. Moreover, a building exterior that’s in proper condition is less likely to cause safety issues and health hazards. When you regularly maintain your building’s exterior and keep it in pristine condition, this prevents degradation and adverse impacts on the building’s performance.


In Vector Plinth, we make sure to meet all the above-mentioned criteria qualities and provide you with a design that maximizes both functionality and usability to ensure that you are getting the most of your land and not just a structure that sits on your property. Our motive is to create a design with explanation and added meaning, instead of something that can be arbitrarily implemented and dismissed. Besides, we also make optimized use of our skills to retain the artistic flavor of a building in a way that reflects your personality, since that is what the outer world view.

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