Project Name:
Feni College Boddhobhumi Srithisthombho Complex
Project Category:
District Commissioner, Feni
Project Location:
Feni Govt. College, Feni
November 2022



During the Liberation War of 1971, Feni was one of the most crucial war zones because of its geographical location. Feni Government College field was used as slaughtering-ground by the Pakistani invaders. Martyrs were inhumanly tortured, murdered and buried beneath the college field. Families were rushed to the college grounds as soon as Feni was independent on December 6th, in hope of finding their loved ones.

Even after 52 years of independence, people of Feni weeps recalling the horrors of the martyrs endured during the war. Students of Feni Government College boldly portrayed the terrors of the war on a school play called “Goalpost”. They reminded the audience how their present college was converted into a torture-cell by the Pakistani raiders in 1971. The Muktibahini and supporters of Muktibahini were brutally tortured and killed by gunshot while hanged by cords on the goalpost of the college field; later thrown in the pond or buried below the college ground. This performance of the students moved the government authority of Feni. They were motivated to revitalize the abandoned space in honor of the martyrs of Feni.

Design Brief

The architects of the project took inspiration from the cruel history of “goalpost” and initiated an idea of an abstract monumental goalpost – symbolizing the horrific incident of hanged martyrs. The concept was to revive the memory of the martyrs, so that young students can understand and appreciate the sacrifices that were made in 1971.

“এক সাগর রক্তের বিনিময়ে, বাংলার স্বাধীনতা আনলে যারা, আমরা তোমাদের ভুলবো না” 
(“We will not forget you, who brought the freedom of Bangla, in exchange of an ocean of blood“)
This renowned quote were written on right side of the façade of the monument, reflecting the concept of the project.

The goal was to curate a lively space where people can gather and feel connected to our history and interrelate. The enormous height of the monument can be seen from long distance, calling out to people from afar. People all around the space are drawn to explore the outstanding landscape. The pavement of the structure is linked with the school courtyard. Moreover, it is easily accessible from the pathway beside the pond. Walking down the pedestrian, one can feel the vastness of the structure –two 40’ tall walls, representing the infamous football post. On the left side of the concrete façade – 

মুক্তির মন্দির সোপানতলে কত প্রাণ হল বলিদান, লেখা আছে অশ্রুজলে” 
(“On the steps of the temple of liberation, how many lives were sacrificed, it is written in tears”)

written in Bangla golden font. The 40’ black wall on the back carrying round blood-red punches, symbolizing the gunshots our martyrs had to endure. Sixteen lit steps till one stands on the monumental plaza, and looking up from there –  six copper cylinders suspended by cords, which represents the journey of our immortal warriors of Feni. Each cylinder signifies different stages of the war – 

চেতনা (Cognition); জাগরণ (Awakening); সংগ্রাম (Warfare); বেদনা (Agony); জয় (Victory); স্বাধীনতা (Independence).

The monumental structure flows out to a spectacular landscape design that consists of amphitheater, memorial plaques, walkway and seating surrounded by mesmerizing greeneries.The tales of the martyrs have emerged in four memorial plaques which is located along side the walkways. Moving forward to the end of the walkway there is  our National Flag, the pride & dignity  of our existence. The once abandoned area has become a vibrant space to socialize and memorialize the history of Feni College Boddhobhumi.

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