Project Name:
Khadi Ghar
Project Category:
Mr. Nafees Munkad Chowdhury
Project Location:
Khulshi Town Center, Khulshi, Chattogram
July 2022



A renowned establishment as the Khadi Ghar, branched its latest retail shop at the up-and-coming zone of Chattogram city, Khulshi. The shop is situated in Khulshi Town Center, which is popularly know for its lively environment. In a surrounding that is full of busy retails, the striking outlook of Khadi Ghar stands out to the crowd.

Design Brief

The retail space with a vibrant yellow accent wall creates an atmosphere of energetic bliss. To signify the authenticity of the brand – the wall is labelled with bold black logo of Khadi Ghar. The materials that are used for the display counter and panels are walnut in color and has wooden textures, which compliments the vibrancy of the accent wall. Because of the store’s large glass windows, shoppers are often appealed while walking by.

The space is designed in a way that is compactly planned, yet has an easy circulation throughout the shop. The sequential process one goes through while shopping, was kept in mind while designing for the store’s interior by the architects of this project. From choosing the right clothing piece, to trying them on, and making the purchase – the process feels stress-free to the consumers because of its organized layout.

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