Project Name:
Parental Shed
Project Category:
Chattogram Cantonment
Project Location:
Cantonment College, Bayazid Bostami Rd, Chattogram
June 2019



Parental Shed- a relaxation space for guardians, located in Chattogram Cantonment Public College is administered by Bangladesh Army. As Chattogram Cantonment Public College is situated in DOHS, Cantonment Area it is situated in a completely serene environment that is far from the chaotic environment of the city.

Concept and Design Brief

It is said that if the mind is open to the strength of architecture it can generate purpose in a space without purpose. The idea behind creating this type of monumental form was to make the structure an expression of exclusivity in itself.

The entire floor area is 1100 sq ft where the seating area is approximately 850 sq ft and the rest of the space is dedicated to other public amenities. The inclined full height curtain walls and sloped ceiling creates height variations and gives the illusion of broadness to an otherwise small inner space. One of the main reasons for using full-height curtain glass walls was to invite the surrounding green landscape into the interior spaces. The inclined curtain glasses also protecting the inner space from direct sunlight and heat. Overall, making this small shed experiential for the parents while they wait, was the key idea behind this project.

[2000 sq.ft.]

Site Area

[1100 sq.ft.]

Built up Area
Front Elevation
North Elevation

There is no internal column used in this project. The entire building is solved with a frame structure system. Ceramic roof tiles have been used in the roof to reduce the heat inside. As a matter of fact, the architect evocatively could create dialogues amongst ‘indoor and outdoor’, ‘nature and manmade’, ‘light and darkness, ‘shades and shadows’ that ultimately add a vibe to it.

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