Project Name:
Rajasthan GEC
Project Category:
Mr. Mohammed Abu Kauser
Project Location:
GEC, Chattogram
January 2023



GEC circle is the central hub of Chattogram city. At its core, an exquisite new outlet of Rajasthan was launched recently. Rajasthan is a clothing brand that is known for its regal distinguishment. The aim for this project was to express the brand’s individuality through intricate interior design details.

Design Brief

Stepping into the store, the first space that catches the eye is the reception area. The area is designed with a bold oxford-blue accent wall – which represents the brand’s authority and grandeur. At the entrance, shoppers get a glimpse of the clothes on a vivid display panel. The clothes are displayed on beige textured panels that are lined with golden arches and combined with a teal custom embroidered textile on the background.

As people shop around, they find themselves pulled into different zones that are carefully curated by the architects of the project. Those zones are categorized by demand; Men’s Panjabi and Coaty zone is the first to come across. After that, Pagri and Nagra zone is placed in order. The Kid’s Panjabi section is located in the next zone. Lastly, the Sherwani zone can be found in a separate room for a more lavish ambiance.

Shoppers are often seen enjoying the “selfie spot” of the shop that is thoughtfully placed in front of the Sherwani zone. The spot has become the branding element of Rajasthan’s GEC outlet. The navy-colored custom furniture provided by Plinth & Premises mirrors the accent wall of the entry space. The walnut-colored shelves, columns, and golden letterings of the titles around the retail store create a cohesive look throughout the design.

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