Project Name:
Reverie Corner
Project Category:
RDM Group
Project Location:
Christian's Cemetery Road, Forest Area, Muradpur, Chattogram
October 2020



Context: The duplex designed for the personal residence of RDM Group’s chairman called for touch of sophistication and sheer elegance in the essence. Located in the forestry area, the residence is surrounded by vignettes of greeneries. It gives the interiors a sense of peace and calmness, which is essentially reflected in the suggested design.

Design Brief

The color palette of the entire residence was purposely kept earthy toned with subtle hues of blues and greens. The palette is what makes the interior bright and soothing. In the ground floor, a smooth flow of connection from the foyer to the formal living, formal dining and the double height space was established via transparency in the quality of spaces. There are a total of five bedrooms in the residence, all in the first floor for privacy reasons. All the bedrooms were designed to minute details keeping the unique taste, requirements & characteristics of each individual user. An elaborated walk-in-closet was accommodated inside the residence as well. It acts as a lavish one stop solution for the females of the family. An informal living space for intimate gatherings and small familial huddles was designed in the first floor of the duplex. There is a second dining room upstairs to serve the members of the family on the daily, which is also why the kitchen with a pantry is placed in this floor.

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