Project Name:
Rhapsody Music Cafe
Project Category:
Mr. Shahed & Partners
Project Location:
H N Center, M. M. Ali Road, Dampara, Chattogram
May 2018



With the rise of restaurant business ‘Rhapsody Music Café’, located at Chattogram City in Bangladesh; is a different and fancy restaurant that combines Western culture with Native culture. Many prominent artists of different Bangladeshi bands like L. R. B’s Ayub Bachchu, Nagar Baul’s James, Popstar Azam Khan, and so forth artists, were inspired by western music, hence created many timeless songs. With the noble purpose of maintaining that continuity when the client consulted with the architect about the interior decoration of the café, the architect decided that why not Rhapsody Music Café becomes a pilgrimage place for artists and art lovers. So the architects designed the café regarding this concept which makes the interior space delightful.

Vector plinth - Rhapsody Music Cafe

Concept and Design Brief

There is a perfect stage for music artists to perform. There is also a wall decorated with a variety of musical instruments used in western music which makes the whole restaurant unique. On the other walls, there are pictures of various artists which is helpful in inspiring the incoming artist-lovers.

Exposed brick used behind the stage area as brick is the most primitive and contextual material in our sub-continent. Different musical instruments have been placed over this exposed brick wall. There is also a bare-faced concrete surface at one portion of the café where mirror glass is installed so that the restaurant looks more spacious. Some of the western musician’s paints display hanging on the concrete wall surface.

[665 sq.ft.]

Built up Area
Layout Plan
Section AA'

To create rhythm in this music café, colors have been used in wall & ceiling so that a cheerful environment can be expressed. Well-controlled lighting, decorative walls and minimalist furniture has been taken the entire café to a different level.

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