The most basic needs of civilized human survival are; Food, Clothes, Shelter, Education & Treatment. As shelter is the third basic need, a house is essential for every human being. Most people think a house means a space that is surrounded by walls or other substantial structures. But this specification doesn’t explain a living environment, which is the core function of a house. A house is a building that functions as a home; a liveable environment that contains privacy, southern breeze, adequate sunlight, twilight, and so on… You may have built a house by an engineer which is separated into 4 units without any kind of planning or design. Wide openings in the west, exhausted in heat, no airflow; you may think AC is the best solution. Do you think the bill of an architect is much more costly than paying a lifetime excessive electric bill? You have to go to your bedroom crossing 3 rooms or you may not have a single space for your whole family where you can gossip; you may have a 2’X4’ veranda where you can’t even sit properly. Did you really dream of this kind of home? All these kinds of problems solutions only an Architect can provide. There are many other things that one and only solution an architect can provide. Moreover, an architect not only design house or dwelling, but they also design hotels, airports, industries, playgrounds, mosques, etc; in fact, but a whole city planning and design also depend on an architect. You may think what is the purpose of an architect in designing a city?? Yes, it is necessary and the result is the present situation of Dhaka City; an un-planned fastest growing city in Bangladesh.

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