Project Name:
Istition Convention Hall
Project Category:
Mr. Bakhtear Munna and Partners
Project Location:
Fire Service Road, Feni
January 2020



The memory of hanging out together at train stations in their golden days evoked nostalgia among a group of friends and made them pay an ode to their fond memories via this project. The two storied structure stands as a witness to their reminiscent times and is named as “Ishtition”- which is station pronounced in a local dialect.

Concept and Design Brief

The project has a fusion environment and a colorful spirit representing the elements of a typical train station. Features like ticket counter instead of receptions, bridges similar to overpasses in stations and amusing sculptures were designed to contribute to the whole ambience. Even the construction was done in red brick and steel structure to keep up with the authenticity of a station. Functions like restaurants with different zones for different user groups, live kitchen and a book corner are in the ground floor. And the upper floor has a conventional hall with a corporate lounge. The overall outlook and paly of spaces inside the building makes it worth its name.

[18,000 sq.ft.]

Site Area

[10,000 sq.ft.]

Built up Area

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