Project Name:
Shah Chand Garments Ltd
Project Category:
Exterior Design
Mr. Arefin
Project Location:
East Kalurghat, Boalkhali, Chattogram


The site chosen for this industrial structure is located in a quieter area of Boalkhali that is accessible via a culvert over a canal. Although quite barren, the site is surrounded by greeneries and open spaces. The building is three storied and mainly has a combination of fair faced concrete and bricks.

Concept and Design Brief

The placement of the building was directly influenced by the linearity of the site. The structure is split into two very distinctive zones. The frontal zone holds only the official functions while the back of the mass is strictly industrial housing machineries, sample rooms and rooms for workers. Even though the mass is connected as a whole there are separate circulations for both the zones. Inspite of the linear form of the mass, ensuring cross ventilation inside the wide open spaces was possible because of the green surroundings all around the building.

[26780 sq.ft.]

Site Area

[54132 sq.ft.]

Built up Area

Construction Site

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Plot No #169 (Ground Floor), Block- D, Road No #02, 
Sugandha R/A, Chattogram, Bangladeshgg