Project Name:
Sabiha Afroza Triplex
Project Category:
Mrs. Sabiha Afroza
Project Location:
Parshuram, Feni
January 2021



The site of this triplex residence is situated in a suburban area with less locality and no high-rise buildings in sight. The structure stands as an epitome of modern and contemporary architecture amidst such non chaotic setting. The client residing abroad opted to build this vacation house for their occasional visits and familial get-togethers.

Concept and Design Brief

Creating interactive and visual connections between the interrelating interior spaces was one of the primary goals of this design. This particular aspect was pondered on to establish a stronger sense of connection among the family members. There is a prompt play of double height spaces inside this residence that is adorned by a freestanding sculptural staircase at the entrance. Although the internal circulation ties all the levels together, there is an external staircase that leads only to the roof so that maintenance works aren’t hampered even in the absence of the residents.


Orientation of the site was considered while planning the zoning layout. As the southern or front facade has large windows, communal functions like living and dining rooms are purposely placed there to avoid excess heat during the day since such functions are less likely to be used then. Which is also why private functions like bedrooms are placed in the northern part so they can be refrained from heat. Only 50% of the site was used to build the residence so that the rest half could be left for greeneries. Moreover, pitch roofs were added to bring hints of rural essence to the outlook of the building. The residence even though built as a duplex at present has a provision to be a triplex in the future.

[3230 sq.ft.]

Site Area

[2920 sq.ft.]

Built up Area

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