In the field of architecture and civil engineering, construction is a process that consists of building or assembling infrastructure. It involves using a detailed plan and design and putting together different materials and elements to form a certain structure. In general terms, the art and science to form objectssystems, or organizations is known as construction. It is a high-risk activity, which must be managed from procurement, through the design process and to the end of the construction stage. Overall, the construction method is molding the skeleton of a house to give it support, shape, and framework as a base to the outer coverings.


The construction industry is mainly focused on the construction, demolition, renovation, maintenance, or repair of buildings and infrastructure. It covers a wide range of services, from planning and surveying to structural construction to finishing services such as painting and decorating. The construction industry consists of three sectors: buildings, infrastructure and industrial. Building construction is usually further divided into residential and non-residential. While it is mostly assumed that construction only relates to new creations, professionals within this commerce may also work on projects involving additions, remodels, repairs and maintenance of existing buildings and structures. Starting from steel framing to wooden beams, the advancement of technologies has brought a variety of construction methods into practice.

This particular field of work requires a skilled team of professionals like engineers and architects. The team mutually carries out several responsibilities during all stages of a project, from the initial drafts and meetings to the inauguration of a building. Because once construction work begins, both architects and engineers need to perform site visits and meetings, negotiate with contracts and dealing with any problems that may occur. Some of the documentation that takes place during construction phases even requires the professional’s signatures and approvals. Moreover, supervising every trivial aspect of a project during construction is what helps the project to be built up as a successful one.


Having brilliant designs delivered to you is not sufficient enough for you to execute it on your own. It is important that the implementation of the design is handled with equal thoroughness as the design itself. The making or breaking of a project depends on how tactfully its construction work is maneuvered. We along with our sister concern IBEAM Construction ensure to deliver a quality framework for your already refined projects. And as we involve you in the whole process, you get to be a part of the team to witness the progress of your project.

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